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SkyView is the exclusive partner with Space Navigator app-enhanced binoculars and telescopes. Just like a car’s GPS, SkyView guides you where to aim your binoculars or telescope to find any space object. Quickly and easily snap your smartphone into the telescope or binocular mount, perfectly aligning your smartphone with the barrel of the telescope or binoculars for accurate viewing.

Star Finding Deluxe Telescope

Star Finding Deluxe Telescope

Spot stars, the Moon, planets, constellations, the rings of Saturn and the bands of Jupiter with this easy-to-use deluxe telescope.

What Can You See?

Space Navigator Deluxe Scope

Satellite Finding Binoculars

SkyView and your smartphone navigates you to see satellites, the International Space Station, the Moon, and constellations!

Want to spot the ISS as it streaks overhead this evening? Set your smartphone into your Invintiv Satellite Finding Binoculars, launch SkyView and search for the ISS.
  • Spot satellites as they streak across the sky
  • See the International Space Station
  • Explore details on the Moon
  • Investigate the most popular constellations
  • Use as traditional outdoor binoculars
Satellite Finding Binoculars

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An entire line of app-enhanced space accessories including a spotting scope, telescope, deluxe telescope, and binoculars. Space Navigator and SkyView unlock the wonders of the night sky in a portable and powerful package.

Works with all Apple® iPhones®, including the NEW iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and most Android™ smartphones.

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